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Take Advantage of Impressive Financial Products in Grayslake, IL

If you want to be able to enjoy retirement, you need to start planning now. That is why Financial Insurance Brokers, Inc. provides a wide variety of financial products in Grayslake, IL, to help you supplement your Social Security, pension, and savings.

Thanks to our annuities and IRAS, you are able to protect your ability to provide yourself with a prosperous future after retirement. Contact us today to empower yourself with the crucial financial products you need to pursue long-term wealth and security. In addition to personal insurance, our team also helps you take advantage of such options as:

  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Index Annuities
  • Standard IRAs
  • Roth IRAs

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Better Understanding Annuities

You might have heard the word used before, but what exactly is an annuity? Well, it is something that allows an insurance company to invest your money for you. This takes the stress of sorting through all of the numbers off of your shoulders so that you can easily leverage the right expertise to increase your chances of future success. Additionally, based on the annuity you choose, you may receive regular payments depending on the success of the investments.

With the help of our team, you are able to choose the percentage you want to allocate for your annuity once a year for 1-Year Fixed, S&P 500, Morgan Stanley, and Diversified Select Index. Our professionals take it from there, streamlining the process and handling all of the complicated aspects of annuities on your behalf. You simply invest, and then sit back as we work hard to help you get the best returns possible.

Investing with IRAs

Annuities aren’t the only investment option available to you; an IRA is another excellent way to save money for retirement with certain tax advantages. There are many different types of IRA products available, and our financial consultants can help you navigate any potential concerns you might have so that you can fully understand the benefits, restrictions, and limitations of any and all investment opportunities. The two main types of IRAs include:

  • Traditional IRAs – You make a tax-deductible contribution and receive tax-deferred earnings.
  • Roth IRAs – Your earnings are tax-deferred while they grow with possible tax-free distributions. Contributions are not tax-deductible.

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